Jesus crown

Crowns, pictures of Jesus and the saints, and photographs of Lithuanian patriots also decorate the larger crosses. These patriotic crowns were blessed by the pope and sent to the Lithuanian people to remind them of their Catholic heritage and to unite them in prayer for their homeland. These prisoners, mostly women, and girls were forced to work in the camps and were not allowed any contact with the outside world. The crosses, rosaries and crowns were their way of expressing their faith and hope for a better future. Cross crafting is a Lithuanian art form that is exhibited by the numerous crosses that can be seen on houses, churches, cemeteries and roadsides throughout the country. The crosses are adorned with patriotic crowns that have been blessed by the pope, intricately designed with geometric patterns, flowers, suns, birds, and the tree of life. They serve as memorials for the dead, as well as markers for former settlements and offer spiritual protection and safety for travelers.