Jesus Christ image - bronze cross

Jesus Christ image - bronze crossThe cross is made of bronze and on it is the image of Jesus Christ. This cross is a symbol of Christianity and has been used for centuries as a way of showing how much God loves the world. The cross has been used and abused throughout history, but regardless of its meaning to different people, it continues to have a deep significance for Christians everywhere. It is a symbol of God’s love for the world and his sacrifice for mankind. The exact purpose of the cross isn’t clear, but it likely had religious significance. The cross may have been used as an ornament, or it may have been used for religious purposes such as for prayer or for the marking of a place of worship.

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Burnt wooden cross

Silver Jesus Christ nailed to a burnt wooden cross

The body of Jesus Christ on the burnt wooden cross This is ...
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Statues of Jesus Christ

Large sacred statues Very large statues of Jesus Christ have been standing ...
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The Christian Cross

The Christian Cross

The Hill of Crosses has been accumulating crosses since the 14th century, ...
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Holy rosaries in the Hill of crosses

Holy Rosaries Hunging on the Crosses

A lot of rosaries are hung on the bigger crosses The tradition ...
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New Pilgrims Placed a Cross Commemorating the War in Ukraine

Faith for war in Ukraine A new influx of pilgrims to the ...
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Flowers on a Hill of crosses

Large and tiny, expensive and cheap crosses tagged with flowers

Memorials tagged with flowers Despite the fact that people caught attempting to ...
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Red rosary; unique rosary

Red rosaries

Unique red rosaries hanging on a Hill of crosses There seem to ...
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Cross from Taiwan 2022

Cross from Taiwan

The Crosses of the Hill of Crosses stand as silent symbols of ...
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Jesus crown

Crowns, pictures of Jesus and the saints on a Hill of crosses

Crowns, pictures of Jesus and the saints, and photographs of Lithuanian patriots ...
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Wooden cross with Jesus

The Mystery of the Cross – Jesus Christ

A small oblong mountain with a hollow on top of it stands ...
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Homemade cross

Homemade Cross with Rosary to Pray for COVID-19 Pandemic

There are so many special places in this world, such as The ...
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thousands of crosses in all shapes, sizes, and materials

Thousands of crosses in all shapes

The Hill of Crosses is the modern name for the site of ...
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