Wooden cross

The body of Jesus Christ on the burnt wooden cross

This is a great example of the power of faith. The burnt cross symbolizes the deep history of the Hill of Crosses. The regime of the Russian Soviet Union tried several times to destroy this unique place, but the faith and hope of the people kept restoring the mountain. The silver body of Jesus Christ nailed to the burnt cross symbolizes the crystal hope that we simply leave on the cross. It has become customary for each cross to be decorated with unique rosaries. This cross is also decorated with a unique rosary. Homemade gooseberries decorate the burnt cross, making it more beautiful and holier.

Burnt wooden cross

Silver Jesus Christ nailed to a burnt wooden cross

New wooden crosses hang over the burnt cross

Burnt wooden cross

In 2021, the fire did not destroy the spirit of the mountain of crosses. Today, you can see even more crosses, rosaries and other Christian relics here. Burnt metal crosses still stand on the mountain, symbolizing unity, God’s care, and the hope of ordinary people.
One of the most beautiful places in the world attracts tourists from all over the world. Every visitor to this holy place brings his own cross to the hill of crosses. Every Christian leaves a part of himself in this place. By leaving a cross, rosary or other relic, we pray to God to give us health, hope, and strengthen our faith.

Burnt metal cross