Ticket Prices, parking at the Hill of crosses

Prices at the Hill of crosses

Ticket prices

Visiting Hill of crosses is free of charge. You don’t need to pay for a tickets. The only cost visiting Hill of crosses is ticket prices for car or bus parking close to the hill.

Parking Prices

Please find Local Levy for parking below. Parking prices for a car is 0,90 euro, parking for Caravan or Campervan is 2,90 euro. Parking for a car with up to 16 seats is 2,90 euro. Parking for a bus from 16 up to 40 seats is 5,80 eur. If you have a bus with more than 40 seats parking price is 8,70 euro.

Updated ticket prices (updated at 2020.04.16)

Prices - Hill of crosses

Parking prices Updated at 2020.04.15

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