A lot of rosaries are hung on the bigger crosses

The tradition has been maintained during the decades until this day and it continues. It is estimated that there are almost 200 000 crosses on the hill. They include crucifixes, carvings, and statues of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. A lot of Holy rosaries are hung on the bigger crosses in the hill of crosses, and there are even more Holy rosaries lying on the ground. It is not uncommon to see people crawling on their knees to the hill. It is a way of expressing religious devotion and also asking for help or intercession from Virgin Mary or a particular saint. The practice is called kukliniavimas.

In addition to the crosses, rosaries and other religious tokens are hung on the larger crosses as well. The tradition is associated with a folk story in which a young man from the Žemaitija region was falsely accused of stealing a sheep and was sentenced to death. On the eve of his execution, he placed a small cross on the hill as a sign of his innocence. After he was executed, his mother came to the hill and placed a bigger cross in his memory.

Holy rosaries in the Hill of crosses
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