Holy mass of the hill of crosses – 2022

Siauliai, the capital of Samogitia, is a small and charming city that is often overlooked by visitors. The Hill of crosses is one of the most popular places in Eastern Europe – a place where thousands of pilgrims gather at the feast of the Hill of crosses to celebrate the cross. The Hill of crosses is a small hill where hundreds of wooden crosses have been placed. It is a place of Catholic pilgrimage, where thousands of visitors come to pray, to reflect, to seek comfort, to find solace and to be closer to God. The name of the place comes from the crosses of various sizes and shapes that adorn the hill. It is one of the most important places in Siauliai and it holds a special meaning for the people of Siauliai.

Holly mass 2022

Just few days ago there were big christian pilgrims ceremony – Pilgrims travel to the hill of crosses. Hundreds of people were going by foot to the hill of crosses. Some of them were caring big wooden cross. Other just joined the big group. It was my first time taking part in a traditional Latin Mass, and I was very impressed by the beauty of both the liturgy and the setting. The Hill of Crosses is a traditional pilgrimage site in Lithuania, and the Mass was offered in front of a large cross on the hill.

After several hours thousunds of pilgrims reached the Hill of crosses. Their journey tooked 4 hours. Pilgrims carried cross for 12 kilometers.

As soon pilgrims reached the hill of crosses they had possibilities to make confesion to the priest close to the hill of crosses. 

Holy mass on the hill of crosses lasted for 2 days. There were some religious concerts and Christian ceremonies.

Holy mass earlier times

This traditions last for long time. In 1996 the Pope II was visiting Hill of crosses. It is always a big day for Christian pilgrims in Lithuania. For centuries, people have been leaving crosses on the hill as a sign of devotion, in memory of deceased loved ones, or as a wish for something. No one knows for sure when the tradition started, but it is thought to have originated in the 14th century.

Holy Mass 2021

Previous holy mass on the hill of crosses was last year 2021.