Holy rosaries in the Hill of crosses
A lot of rosaries are hung on the bigger crosses The tradition has been maintained during the decades until this […]
Red rosary; unique rosary
Unique red rosaries hanging on a Hill of crosses There seem to be wood carvings everywhere you look in Lithuania. […]
Silver cross rosary on the Hill of crosses
Silver cross rosary The first crosses on the Hill of Crosses were built by the people who lived in the […]
Rosary with golden Jesus
Today, the Hill of Crosses is also a place where people come to find Golden Jesus rosary. People have come […]
Rosaries left by prayers
Rosaries and crosses In the hills of Lithuania, a lone field of crosses and rosaries has been built to honor […]
Rosaries at the Hill of crosses
Hundreds of rosaries The rosaries are a tradition of Christian pilgrims who leave their rosaries behind as a sign of […]