Burnt wooden cross
The body of Jesus Christ on the burnt wooden cross This is a great example of the power of faith. […]
Large sacred statues Very large statues of Jesus Christ have been standing next to the cross mountain in Lithuania for […]
The Christian Cross
The Hill of Crosses has been accumulating crosses since the 14th century, when Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire […]
Holy rosaries in the Hill of crosses
A lot of rosaries are hung on the bigger crosses The tradition has been maintained during the decades until this […]
Faith for war in Ukraine A new influx of pilgrims to the Hill of Crosses has brought a cross commemorating […]
Nice Amber cross in a hill of crosses
A Holy place recognized by UNESCO What began as a trickle of mourners soon turned into a flood of crosses […]
Flowers on a Hill of crosses
Memorials tagged with flowers Despite the fact that people caught attempting to remove crosses from the site faced harsh punishments, […]
New Pilgrims in 2022
New Pilgrims – New Lithuania In 1993, during a religious pilgrimage to the Hill of Crosses in northern Lithuania, a […]
Red rosary; unique rosary
Unique red rosaries hanging on a Hill of crosses There seem to be wood carvings everywhere you look in Lithuania. […]
Cross from Taiwan 2022
The Crosses of the Hill of Crosses stand as silent symbols of Lithuanian faith, hope, and love. For over 200 […]
Jesus crown
Crowns, pictures of Jesus and the saints, and photographs of Lithuanian patriots also decorate the larger crosses. These patriotic crowns […]
Wooden cross with Jesus
A small oblong mountain with a hollow on top of it stands about 12 km to the north from Šiauliai, […]