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Some people say that there are more than 200,000 crosses and other religious items on the hill of crosses. The hill of crosses is located close to the city of Siauliai in Lithuania. Nobody knows when was the first cross placed in this unique place. It is said that the first official mention of the hill of crosses was made in the 1850s. The other sources say that first cross was put here much earlier. Local patriots and Christians maintained this place for a long time. Despite the Soviet union’s destruction of this place in 1861 and 1863, (the hill of crosses was destroyed by the Russian regime several times) pilgrims are putting their crosses showng their faith and hope for the future. After a hundred years in 1961 Russian regime again destroyed, bulldozed, and burned this beautiful well known Christian place. Biggest statue of Jesus ChristTheir stories say that people saw Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus Christ in her arms many years ago. Saint Mary asked the local people to cover this holy place and take care of it. This was the start of this unique saint place. UNESCO shows their support for this place saying that it is a unique religious cultural heritage of Lithuania. This place shows to tourists its unique history, pilgrims can feel the difficult past and feel hope for the future of the local community.

Pope John Paul II visited the Hill of Crosses

Pope John II on a Hill of crosses After Lithuania got its independence in 1991, this place become completely independent. Pope John Paul II visited the Hill of crosses in 1993. Pope was extremely touched by this place saying “Sons and daughters of your country have been carrying to this Hill crosses, akin to that of Golgotha, which saw our Saviour,s death . Thus people have declared their sincere belief that their deceased brothers and sisters “have found Eternity” (…). Cross is a symbol of eternal life in God”“ “The Cross is exaltation, a sign of God’s love and a sign of eternal life in God,” the pope said during holy mass. “The Cross is exaltation, a sign of God’s love and a sign of eternal life in God,” the pope said that day. It is interesting to know that the Hill of Crosses is not only a religious site, but also a place of pilgrimage for tourists. The Pope’s visit in 1993 showed the international recognition of this place. The Hill of crosses is a symbol of Lithuania’s independence and of the country’s Christian heritage. The cross is present on this hill not only as a religious landmark but also as a reminder of the country’s struggle for independence.  

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