thousands of crosses in all shapes, sizes, and materials
The Hill of Crosses is the modern name for the site of the first crosses on the hill. Today, thousands […]
Hill of crosses is a unique landscape in the winter
The Hill of Crosses is a unique, compelling landscape in the winter. The snow-covered ground and bare trees create a […]
Homemade cross
Unique cross It’s a sunny spring day in Lithuania, and I’m standing on a hillside, gazing up at a sky […]
Silver cross rosary on the Hill of crosses
Silver cross rosary The first crosses on the Hill of Crosses were built by the people who lived in the […]
Jewish cross
The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania is a second example of the Jewish faith on display. The Hill of Crosses […]
Rosary with golden Jesus
Today, the Hill of Crosses is also a place where people come to find Golden Jesus rosary. People have come […]
Bronze cross
Exceptional cross made of bronze The Cross Hill of Crosses is a unique place, where thousands of people from all […]
Jesus Christ image - bronze cross
The cross is made of bronze and on it is the image of Jesus Christ. This cross is a symbol […]